Are Muffins Healthy?

Are muffins healthy? And what's really in your muffin? Unfortunately most muffin mixes and pre-made muffins are bad news.Muffins and I go way back. When I was just a little kid my mom would take us shopping and for lunch at our local department store, Jordan Marsh. To be honest I don’t remember much more except for the amazing, Jordan Marsh blueberry muffins you could get with your meal. They were so good mom sometimes would buy an extra half-dozen muffins as a treat for us to eat at home. 🙂

But are muffins healthy? Unfortunately, no. However, thanks to some misleading marketing many people believe muffins (especially those filled with fruit or bran) are healthy snacks. The simple truth is … sweet baked goods and desserts just aren’t good for you despite what many food companies might say. By definition they’re a treat and that holds true for muffins as well.

So why did I share I whole-wheat muffin recipe a couple of weeks ago? I don’t think baking up the occasional batch of muffins is a criminal act. Unfortunately, the story behind many of the store-bought options can get pretty ugly! (more…)

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Healthy Brownies: Fact or Food Company Fiction?

Are healthy brownies possible? Food companies want you to think so!

Are brownies healthy? Processed food companies would love for you to think so, but you know better, right?

Unfortunately there are plenty of people who are falling victim to Big Food’s “healthy dessert” scam. Let’s make sure you and your friends aren’t one of them.

How Does the Healthy Brownies Scam Work?

Brownies taste great, and we really like to treat ourselves. So what do food companies do? They tempt us into eating brownies and other treats by giving us permission. (more…)

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Minions Marketing Madness

And how you can avoid Minions food marketing tricks!

Who wins when movies partner with food companies to create marketing promotions? Not you!

Case in point, Minions. Yes, you may adore these oddly-cute, yellow creatures and their movies. But you’ve probably seen Bob, Stuart, and Kevin (the lead Minion characters) in many places other than the movie. Yep, they’ve been plastered on all kinds of food products. And if you’re anything like me, you may end up feeling a bit stupid when you fall for one of these food marketing tricks! (Yes, more on that later.)

The Minions movie's food marketing tricks can make you feel stupid after buying processed foods you just don't need and aren't good for you!



Why do big entertainment companies like to market their films via food?

Obviously movie companies want to make more money off their new releases, but how exactly do food tie-ins work into this formula? Well there are several angles that these entertainment companies are interested in: (more…)

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Why I Quit Eating Processed Foods

My honest, fact-based reasons for why I quit eating processed foods and made the switch to real food!

It’s hard to believe, but about five years ago I officially “broke-up” with processed foods. Yes, I had left General Mills two years earlier, but I consider the break-up official when I purchased my first summer share at a local, organic farm in 2010.

Learn about a former processed food executive and the honest, fact-based reasons why he quit eating processed foods and made the switch to real food!

The break-up was a long time coming. After leading General Mills’ Honey Nut Cheerios (the cereal category’s #1 selling brand) and Hamburger Helper businesses, I had grown increasingly weary and wary of the processed food industry. (more…)

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Your Salad Dressing Ingredients. Safe or Scary?

Learn more about popular bottled salad dressing ingredients so you can make a better choice in the future!

Oil and vinegar based salad dressings are some of the most common types of dressings. Simple and classic, this flavorful combination has been used since Ancient Greek and Roman times as a way to season and dress vegetables and greens. Despite their relative ease to make, bottled salad dressings have become increasingly popular since their introduction in the 1940s. But what salad dressing ingredients are in these bottles, and is the convenience of bottled dressings really worth it?Bottled salad dressing ingredients are all over the place. Learn what's In Your Bottled Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressing and 4 tips to choosing a healthier option.

Salad Dressing Ingredients—What’s In Your Oil and Vinegar Dressing?

If you’ve shopped for bottled, non-refrigerated salad dressings lately you’ve experienced the overwhelming nature of this category firsthand. With approximately $2 Billion in annual retail sales 1 the salad dressing aisle goes on and on with a seemingly endless number of varieties. While ranch dressings are the most popular flavor segment, oil and vinegar based dressings are also big sellers. And even within the oil and vinegar segment, there are tons of options including different flavor profiles, full fat, fat-free, light, and most recently organic.

To help illustrate what’s in these oil and vinegar based salad dressing, I’ve assembled a list of salad dressing ingredients for several popular brands below: (more…)

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