Recipe: REAL, Homemade Queso

Okay, don’t judge me, but probably one of my favorite party-time appetizers is queso and chips. But years ago when I started my real food journey, it’s one of the foods I gave up. As my post about processed cheeses demonstrates, there’s really nothing good about Velveeta.

Bruce Bradley's homemade REAL queso

Does that mean you have to give up queso for good? Absolutely NOT! First of all, I hope you know by now I’m not about judging what you eat—I just want you to really know what’s in your food! Knowledge is power! But wouldn’t it be nice if you could serve up some queso and not feel so badly about it?

Well hold on to your sombreros, folks! I’ve got a delicious recipe for homemade queso that’s made from real ingredients. (more…)

Bruce Bradley's homemade REAL queso

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