Recipe: The Best Real Pesto Sauce

A delicious, real pesto sauce that's quick and easy to make with options to make it more affordable by substituting other greens.

We love pesto. And with summer gardens, farmers markets, and grocery stores filled with fresh basil, there’s no better time to make some up than now.

But why should you go to the trouble? While there are some high quality pesto sauces available, some store-bought pesto sauces don’t look very real at all. (more…)

Recipe Blueprint: Whole-Wheat Muffins

featuring my favorite Blueberry Whole-Wheat Muffins

Bruce Bradley's Whole-Wheat Muffin recipe blueprint is the perfect base for all your favorite kinds of muffins and uses 100% real ingredients!

When I was growing up my mom didn’t bake much. If we wanted cookies, brownies, or muffins, we had to make them ourselves. Although that made me feel a bit sad as a kid, I believe those early experiences in the kitchen are what got me interested in cooking. It’s also one of the reasons I’m such a fan of cooking with your kids! Let’s face it—there’s nothing like firsthand experience to build some confidence.

One kitchen mess-up that I got ribbed about for years were my blueberry muffins. I was young, foolish, and didn’t believe in a recipe’s instructions. After all, I knew better and I was always looking for shortcuts. So when making blueberry muffins I thought it was a real waste of time to fold in the berries at the very end when I could use the electric beater to mix them in with all the other ingredients. Hmmm…I ended up with some very grey blueberry muffins. :-( But that’s how we all learn lessons—by making mistakes.

Unfortunately in the world of baking things have gotten a whole lot worse than making a batch of grey blueberry muffins. Today’s store-bought muffins and mixes are littered with fake blueberry bits, partially hydrogenated oils, and all sorts of additives. So to avoid these I’ve come up with my own tried and true muffin recipe. (more…)

Recipe: Roasted Vegetable Tian

A delicious and beautiful way to enjoy roasted vegetables!

Roasted Vegetable Tians are a delicious, simple way to enjoy the goodness of roasted veggies!

Now we’ve talked about roasted veggies before. In fact, if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may remember that I shared a Delicata Squash, Apple, and Onion Tian with my Thanksgiving recipes last fall. And I know, I sound like a broken record—but my Roasted Vegetable Tian recipe is one of my all-time favorite recipes EVER! You don’t want to miss this recipe! (more…)

Recipe: Squash Casserole

A delicious blend of squash, onions, and cheese makes this dish sing!

Bruce Bradley's squash casserole is a delicious blend of yellow and zucchini squash seasoned with onions and cheese!

This time of year it’s really easy to get inundated with squash. If you’ve got a vegetable garden or you’re a member of a CSA, I’m sure you know what I mean.

But even if you aren’t awash in squash (okay, I couldn’t resist that little rhyme), having some great, go-to recipes to whip up a squash side dish can be a fast way to get some veggies on the dinner table. And what I absolutely LOVE about squash is it’s SO versatile. It’s a great vegetable to pick up at the store or farmers market every week because it literally goes well with all different kinds of food. Heck, I even eat it as a main dish. I know, most kids won’t go for that option, but when cooked right, squash can be amazing! :-) (more…)