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Trying to eat healthier at breakfast? Then here are 5 delicious ways to think outside of the cereal box!Eating more real food in and of itself goes a long way towards better health. But to really reap the benefits, we need to make sure that the real food we are eating includes plenty of vegetables. This certainly isn’t breaking news. But while most of us know this, our diets tend to indicate otherwise. I’m not big on “recommended serving sizes,” but a good rule of thumb we try to stick to in our house is simply to eat some vegetables with every meal, including breakfast.

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Simply Easy Creamy Pasta and Peas

Looking for a quick meal that can replace those boxes of mac and cheese? Simply Easy Creamy Pasta with Peas is super quick, easy enough for the kids to help make, and it uses only REAL ingredients. It's also really flexible so you can customize it to your tastes or what you've got on hand.Originally I learned this recipe from some college friends of mine. It’s always been a family favorite, and my son and I have made it together countless times. So if you’re looking for a great recipe to cook with your kids, this one is perfect. In fact, it’s easy enough that even your youngest kids can help out. Continue Reading >>


How To Make a Better Green Bean

Ready for a quick cure for the common green bean? Lemon Pepper Green Beans are a flavorful way to add veggies to your table!Green beans are one of our go-to vegetables. They’re quick, easy to make, and frozen green beans are an affordable way to get some delicious veggies on the table anytime of the year. Even better, they’re a simple dish kids can help prepare.

The secrets to great green beans, though, are a bit elusive for some. I’ve found success boils down to three key points: Continue Reading >>


6 Reasons Why Cooking With Your Kids Is Important

6 Reasons Why Cooking With Your Kids Is ImportantOne of the best decisions I’ve made as a parent has been regularly cooking with my son. I was really fortunate though—my parents set a great example and reinforced the idea that kids should learn how to cook. My mom worked so I was constantly expected to help out. Also my dad was well ahead of his time. He wasn’t one of those men who dismissed cooking as women’s work. While the burden of daily cooking still fell on my mom’s shoulders, he always cooked breakfast on the weekends and oftentimes made dinner on Saturday nights. So he was a great role model that real men cook!

Six Reasons Why Cooking With Your Kids Is Important:

Here are just a few reasons why I think you’re missing the boat if you’re not cooking with your kids: Continue Reading >>


Is Big Food Finally Doomed?I’ve recently read several articles that suggest we’re witnessing the demise of Big Food. But is Big Food really on life support? Or have the reports of its death been overly optimistic?

Don’t get me wrong—I’d love nothing more than to see the mass consumption of highly processed junk food come to an end! And while I’m excited about the progress the food movement has made, I’m also frightened. Why? I’ve worked in Big Food, and I know how it thinks. Much like a virus mutating to survive, Big Food has proven to have incredible staying power. So while there’s no doubt food companies have taken it on the chin lately, here are 9 reasons why I’m scared Big Food may bounce back: Continue Reading >>


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