How to Celebrate a REAL Food Thanksgiving

It's all about simple steps, letting go, and being grateful!

I love Thanksgiving. Without a doubt it’s my favorite holiday. Perhaps that’s because I love to cook. But I think it’s also because it’s a holiday where family and friends come together, relax, joke, laugh, play games, AND …. there’s no pressure or expectations around gift giving. Phew!

Bruce Bradley's Tips, Tricks, and Recipes to Create a REAL Food Thanksgiving!

But let’s face it, Thanksgiving can be pretty daunting. If you’re not a confident cook or if you’re trying to eat less processed foods, Thanksgiving dinner can be overwhelming. But stop right there. The first order of business is to NOT be overwhelmed and ENJOY the holiday—no matter what! Regardless of where you are on your real food journey, I think it’s possible. Don’t believe me? Here are my simple tips and attitude adjustment tricks to help you out … PLUS a whole lot of recipes! (more…)

Recipe: One Bowl, No Sugar Pumpkin Bread

A healthier, whole grain, real ingredient recipe for a fall favorite

We’ve had a beautiful, abnormally warm fall here in Minnesota that’s kept me from baking much. But with Thanksgiving right around the corner, I just can’t wait any longer. I had to make something pumpkin-y.

Finally, a delicious pumpkin bread that's not overflowing with sugar AND is made with real ingredients like whole wheat pastry flour, maple syrup, and of course, pumpkin!

Do you ever get in a pumpkin mood? I absolutely love its taste. Unfortunately, so many of the pumpkin baked goods and drinks out there are less about the pumpkin and more about sugar. :-( That’s one of the things I love about my one bowl, no sugar pumpkin bread recipe. Yes, it has some maple syrup in it for some sweetness, but it’s not sugary. It’s fresh, dense, super moist, and filled with pumpkin goodness. (more…)

Recipe: Whole Grain Syrup Free Waffles

Make your waffles a bit healthier by going syrup free!

How do you make waffles healthier? Well, the first place to start is avoiding all the additives and processed ingredients that are in most frozen waffles and dry mixes. That’s why I like to make my waffles from scratch using my super easy, One Bowl Whole Grain Waffles.

How can whole grain waffles get even better for you? Ditch the syrup and use nut or seed butters.

But even with the healthiest of whole grain waffles as a base, drenching them in sugary, highly processed syrups can be a disaster. (more…)

Recipe: Easy, One-Bowl Whole Grain Waffles

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know we love waffles. So I thought it was finally time I shared our basic, super easy, one-bowl whole grain waffle recipe—especially right after my post about what’s in some of the popular frozen waffles and dry mixes.

Bruce Bradley's one bowl, whole grain waffles are quick, easy, freeze well, and are made with 100% real ingredients. You can't ask for more!

Yes, our waffles take a couple more minutes than some of those store-bought mixes, but I think making food you feel good about is more important. :-) Finally, to make our homemade waffles taste extra special and delicious, we top them off with some fresh fruit and maple syrup! (more…)

Leggo My Eggo?

Why we should shelve most ready-made waffles for good!

Leggo My Eggo! I think more than any other commercial of my youth, those three little words were burned into my memory. Why? I’m not exactly sure. Perhaps it’s that two of the three words are totally made up. Or maybe it’s because the ad’s underlying premise of a father taking food from his son caught my attention. 😕

What's in your waffle? Is it healthy? Unfortunately it's probably not!

But what should we think of this whole fuss over a frozen waffle? Is this waffle worth fighting over? No—especially not in a good way.

What’s in Eggo Waffles?

In fact, after looking at what’s in an Eggo Waffle, I think that’s one battle I’d gladly lose. Why? Here’s a quick run-down of what’s in the top-selling Eggo Homestyle waffles: (more…)