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My real food journey from processed food marketer to REAL food fan!

Hi, I'm Bruce. Let me share with you my journey from former processed food marketer to REAL food fan!

Hi! My name is Bruce and welcome to my blog about living a healthier life by cutting out processed foods!

Life is kind of strange and funny. I never planned to be running a health and wellness website. But when you listen to your gut and follow your heart, great things happen. I’m living proof of that!

I think what makes my story pretty unique is I’m a former food company marketing executive. Yep—that means I used to lead huge business teams to develop new products, advertising, and promotions to grow some of the biggest processed food brands in the world. But after working over fifteen years for companies like Nabisco, The Pillsbury Company, and General Mills and running many processed food businesses in all different categories, I decided I had to make a change. My father was ill at the time, and I wanted to follow my passion for writing … and that’s when all this started.

My first writing “project” was my novel, FAT PROFIT$. I thought writing a thriller about the food industry would be an interesting way of dramatizing the battle between “Big Food” and folks passionate about unprocessed food. What happened after my first draft and reflecting on my time within the food industry was nothing short of amazing. Only by taking a hard look at the industry and detaching myself from the culture of “Big Food” did I finally conclude that your typical consumers don’t stand a chance against the marketing muscle of food companies. And that realization is what got me actively blogging, agreeing to interviews, and pulling back the curtain on Big Food’s long track record of deception.

Although I tried to eat “healthier” most of my adult life, when I decided to finally cut out processed foods it required a whole new set of changes to my diet. But my family’s struggles with weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, dementia, and gastrointestinal problems gave me inspiration. If I truly wanted to be healthier, processed foods had to go. So in 2010 I charted course on my real food journey, and I’ve never looked back! I honestly believe it’s amazing what real, unprocessed food can do for your mind, body, and soul!

Two of my biggest steps forward were joining a CSA and ending my addiction to soda for good. While there have been tons of other changes along way, it’s definitely gotten a lot easier, though I’m nowhere near perfect. Yes, it’s still hard to pass by salted caramels in the store or Cheetos at a party, it’s not the end of the world if I occasionally indulge. But more importantly, over time I’ve learned that real food tastes delicious, it’s better for me, and it makes me feel more energized. So I honestly don’t feel like I’ve given up much, especially now that I’ve created my own recipe for an amazing bowl of queso made from 100% real ingredients! 🙂

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