Quaker Breakfast Flats … A Healthy Breakfast or a Breakfast Cookie?

Breakfast can be one of the hardest meals of the day, especially if you’re not a morning person. Yes, that “not a morning person” comment needs a big arrow pointing at me. 🙂 So marketing healthy, convenient breakfast foods is literally a goldmine for food companies. But are most of these products really healthy? Let’s take a closer look at one of the newest “healthy” breakfast products on the block—Quaker Breakfast Flats.

Quaker Breakfast Flats market themselves as wholesome and full of real ingredients. But are they healthy, or really a cookie in disguise?


Honestly, these are one of those products I want to love. They’re available in three varieties (Cranberry Almond, Banana Honey Nut, and Golden Raisin Cinnamon), and they sound delicious and healthy. (more…)

7 Simple Steps For A Healthier Super Bowl Sunday

PLUS over a dozen recipe ideas to get you started!

It’s that time of year again. Super Bowl time. And with the constant hype about the game, the commercials, and the parties that surround this mega event, it’s easy to become a bit jaded if you’re trying to eat healthy. After all, the Super Bowl is reported to be the second-largest day for food consumption in the United States, right after Thanksgiving.

7 Simple Steps For A Healthier Super Bowl Sunday

But rather than getting all grumbly about things, I think you can still have a great Super Bowl Sunday. How? Here are my 7 Simple Steps For a Healthier Super Bowl Sunday! (more…)

Leggo My Eggo?

Why we should shelve most ready-made waffles for good!

Leggo My Eggo! I think more than any other commercial of my youth, those three little words were burned into my memory. Why? I’m not exactly sure. Perhaps it’s that two of the three words are totally made up. Or maybe it’s because the ad’s underlying premise of a father taking food from his son caught my attention. 😕

What's in your waffle? Is it healthy? Unfortunately it's probably not!

But what should we think of this whole fuss over a frozen waffle? Is this waffle worth fighting over? No—especially not in a good way.

What’s in Eggo Waffles?

In fact, after looking at what’s in an Eggo Waffle, I think that’s one battle I’d gladly lose. Why? Here’s a quick run-down of what’s in the top-selling Eggo Homestyle waffles: (more…)

Is Organic Food Better For You?

Organic foods are growing like gangbusters, but are they really better for you? Is organic worth the higher cost? There are certainly plenty of opinions on both sides of this debate. In fact, people can get pretty vocal on this topic with responses ranging from some swearing by organic to others calling it a huge scam. What’s the truth? Here’s my take on this hot topic.

Is organic the right choice for you, or is it a complete sham?

So What Does Organic Really Mean?

To really answer the question “is organic food better for you,” I think it’s best to start at the very beginning. That means understanding what the term organic really means when it comes to food. (more…)

Introducing My FREE New eBook—The Ultimate Clean Eating Guide

Learn How to Quit Your Processed Food Habit and Start Eating REAL Food!

I’m so excited to finally be able to share with you my new, FREE eBook, The Ultimate Clean Eating Guide—How to Ditch Processed Foods & Start Eating REAL! I’m embarrassed to say, but this eBook has been in the works for over a year now. I’ve been planning it ever since I returned to blogging last fall. But with lots of different work and family commitments plus plenty of other distractions, I didn’t get to it—until now! Hopefully you’ll agree with me—it’s totally worth the wait!

In Bruce Bradley’s Ultimate Clean Eating Guide this former processed food marketing executive shares why he quit processed foods, how he did it, and outlines tips and steps you can take to lead a happier, healthier life!

Eating Healthy. What Does It Mean?

Our mission is all about inspiring people to eat healthier. But what does “healthy” even mean? Unfortunately we live in a processed food world where so-called healthy foods are anything but good for you. Junk food has been normalized.

Although I’ve written and spoken about these issues in many different places, I wanted to create a quick, easy, and heartfelt guide that could help people jumpstart their real food journey. No scare tactics. No tricks. No fad diet advice. Just honest information that will help you think differently about what you’re eating and encourage you to take some simple steps forward. As I say several times in the book, when it comes to eating healthier, it’s all about progress not perfection!