6 Reasons Why Cooking With Your Kids Is Important

6 Reasons Why Cooking With Your Kids Is ImportantOne of the best decisions I’ve made as a parent has been regularly cooking with my son. I was really fortunate though—my parents set a great example and reinforced the idea that kids should learn how to cook. My mom worked so I was constantly expected to help out. Also my dad was well ahead of his time. He wasn’t one of those men who dismissed cooking as women’s work. While the burden of daily cooking still fell on my mom’s shoulders, he always cooked breakfast on the weekends and oftentimes made dinner on Saturday nights. So he was a great role model that real men cook!

Six Reasons Why Cooking With Your Kids Is Important:

Here are just a few reasons why I think you’re missing the boat if you’re not cooking with your kids: Continue Reading >>


How My CSA Changed My Life

Learn more about how CSAs help change your food habits and how to find a great, local farm.It’s hard to believe that I’ve been on my REAL food journey for over five years now. I certainly have come a long way since I left General Mills in 2008. But probably the single, biggest change in my diet happened in 2010 when I bought a share from a local, CSA organic farm. And with February 28th being National CSA Sign-up Day, I thought it’d be the perfect occasion to talk about CSAs and why I’m such a huge fan! Continue Reading >>


Red Velvet: The Latest Fashion Trend in Food

Check out the latest fashion trend in food, and why you may want to avoid it!I discovered red velvet cake many years ago when I lived in the South. As a displaced yankee living in North Carolina I looked on with horror when it was served and couldn’t help but ask, “what makes this cake so red?” … only to be further stunned by the nonchalant reply, “a bottle of red food coloring.” Even though the concept of REAL food had never crossed my mind back then, I remembered hearing about the dangers of red food coloring. “Red” had even disappeared from bags of M&M’s for a while. So I couldn’t help but wonder, “could this dessert kill me?” Continue Reading >>

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Kick the Can … Swanson Vegetable Broth

It's time to kick highly processed vegetable broths like Swanson to the curb!

So many delicious foods begin with a flavorful broth. But are all broths created equal? Not really, and this is especially true in the world of vegetable broths.

Swanson, a brand owned by the Campbell Soup Company, is the market leader when in comes to all different kinds of soup broths including vegetable. But if you haven’t looked at their label in a while, you might be surprised with what you find: Continue Reading >>


The Evolution of Cheese: The Winners & Losers

Bruce Bradley documents the scary evolution of cheese from REAL food to an industrialized mess“What is cheese?” Seems like a pretty easy question, right? Unfortunately it may be much more difficult to answer than you might think since over the years a lot of changes have happened to what’s called cheese.

Although the exact origins of cheese are unknown, the process is believed to date back more than 4,000 years ago. Like many discoveries cheesemaking is believed to be the result of an accident that occurred when an Arabian merchant stored milk in a pouch made from a sheep’s stomach. When the rennet (an enzyme produced in the stomach of ruminant animals) combined with the milk and the warmth from the sun, violà—cheese was created. Continue Reading >>


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