How My CSA Changed My Life

Learn more about how CSAs help change your food habits and how to find a great, local farm.It’s hard to believe that I’ve been on my REAL food journey for over five years now. I certainly have come a LONG way since I left General Mills in 2008. But probably the single, biggest change in my diet happened in 2010 when I bought a share from a local, CSA organic farm. And with February 28th being National CSA Sign-up Day, I thought it’d be the perfect occasion to talk about CSAs and why I’m such a huge fan! Continue Reading >>

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Recipe: Crispy Cornbread Chicken

Say goodbye to KFC's Colonel for good and give Bruce Bradley's Crispy Cornbread Chicken a try. It's a sure-fire, REAL food hit that you can definitely feel better about!

If you love the taste of fried chicken, do I have the perfect REAL food recipe for you! Believe it or not, now you can serve up homemade, extra crispy chicken with all REAL ingredients, the tasty twist of a crunchy cornbread coating, and none of the hassle and mess of deep-frying!

Now I don’t eat deep-fried foods much (if at all) these days. And given all the highly processed oils and trans fats most restaurants and fast food chains use, I try to avoid fried foods out as well. But more and more research is showing us that blood cholesterol levels really aren’t impacted much by dietary cholesterol (the cholesterol from the foods we eat), Furthermore, I believe that if those sources of dietary cholesterol are from REAL foods, we’re definitely better off. Here’s the watch-out, though. While the cholesterol fear from foods we eat may be waning, we can’t forget that fats still pack a powerful caloric punch! Continue Reading >>


Recipe: Broccoli with Warm Dijon Dressing

Bruce Bradley's warm dijon dressing is a quick, go-to sauce that can make your broccoli go from ho-hum to wow in seconds!Over the years I’ve learned to love the taste of vegetables “as is,” without any sauce. But let’s face it, occasionally it’s great to mix things up! And sometimes a little bit of sauce is just enough of a nudge to get your kids gobbling up their veggies.

Unfortunately I don’t trust most of the pre-sauced vegetables out there. The good news is you can make your own delicious sauces in no time at all. My on the fly, warm Dijon dressing takes seconds to prepare, and boy is it delicious! Continue Reading >>


Bruce Bradley's Creamy Dreamy Whole Wheat Biscuits use 100% whole wheat flour, all real ingredients, are soft, fluffy, and delicious!

If you’ve taken a closer look at what’s in most biscuits these days you might just assume they’re completely off-limits. Yes, occasionally I’ll indulge in a real, homemade biscuit, but even most of those have ingredients in them that I don’t feel great about. So I’ve been on the hunt for how to make a better, healthier biscuit. Based on my food values that means a biscuit that uses real ingredients and no white flour. Easy, right? Well, not really.

Continue Reading >>


What’s In Your Biscuit?

What's in your biscuit? You might be surprised with some of the highly processed ingredients your biscuits have baked into them.
It’s probably not that surprising that biscuits aren’t the healthiest food around. Even traditional, homemade recipes feature white flour and plenty of fat—sometimes even fake fats like shortening.  But what happens when you mix Big Food and a big biscuit? Unfortunately it’s a real dietary disaster! And while food companies continue to try to market their biscuits as “fresh” or “homemade,” all it takes is one look at their ingredients, and you’ll know they’re tricking you. Here’s some of the most common ingredients I found as I took a closer look at Big Food’s biscuits: Continue Reading >>


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